MJ-902 Super Bright Rechargeable Cree LED Mountain Bike Light Kits

MJ-902 Super Bright Rechargeable Cree LED Mountain Bike Light Kits

2000 lumen front light with rear warning red LED safety light. The MJ-902 is a premium bike light combo set that is sufficiently bright and priced for mass majority of riders out there. Comes with wireless remote control and a 5.2Ah Li-ion battery, providing 3 hours of continuous use.

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Product Details

The MJ-902 is so compact and offers a wired taillight, its road worthiness is mostly a given. Although the system weight isn't entirely low, the light housing is small enough to be a fun-sized Snickers bar. This provides at least two advantages. For one, the compact size doesn't prevent you from mounting other accessories to your handlebar such as a GPS bar fly. Second, the size makes the light inherently light weight which prevents it from shaking or jittering. The mount style for this light uses a simple strap with two positions for added fitment and tension. A thumb tab is missing which would make removal and installation much easier. Beyond that, the base of the light is well padded and the system stays put. Again, there is nearly no light movement.

MagicShine has given riders the option to run the headlight by itself or with the rear light connected via a "Y" cable/splitter. These connects are firm, maybe even a little too firm but I suspect the cable ends will break-in with some use. Operation of the lights can be achieved in two ways, both of which are very intuitive. You can either cycle through each of the front or rear light settings via the button located atop each respective light or you can utilize the simple remote switch which can be strapped to any tube-like surface. When running the headlight by itself, the remote seems pointless. If you are also running the taillight however, or if you have placed the light in a location where it is harder to reach _ say on top of your helmet _ the remote is ultra convenient. A somewhat compact battery pack consisting of 4 18650 batteries seems like a good balance of runtime and conservative size. Charging is accomplished with a traditional AC charger included in your soft clam-shell case.

Box Contents


Rear light

Wireless remote control

Rubber ‘o’ rings

Battery pack 7.4V 5.2AH


Nylon straps

Warranty card

Y cable or Y adpater

English user manual


2.12 oz


2.76 x 1.97 x 1.97 in

Light source

Ultra bright red LED

Luminous flux

10 Lumens

Shell material

Aluminum alloy and plastic in oxide finishing


Side click switch

Working modes



250mAh rechargeable battery

Power indicator



5 hours at 100% brightness




L52 x W28 x H36mm





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