MJ-908 Brightest, Most Powerful Rechargeable LED Mountain Bike Light Set with Indicators

MJ-908 Brightest, Most Powerful Rechargeable LED Mountain Bike Light Set with Indicators

Our biggest and brightest mountain bike light set. Providing 8000 lumen of output for your MTB night rides.
This light set is designed for serious mountain bikers who like to challenge their limits. Comes with wireless remote and free tail light.

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Product Details

It's an absolute monster! One online source tells us that a typical single low beam from a car headlight produces 700 lumens while a high beam may produce 1,200. So, when your Grandma is behind the wheel of her Buick Regal circa 2003, she's casting maybe 1,400lm onto the parking lot pavement or closer to 2400 lm if her brights are on. Magicshine MJ-908 produces a theoretical 8000 lumen of output and is one of the brightest bike lights on the market.

This bike light set, which includes the massive front light and proportionally dwarf taillight, was designed purely for the mountain cycling lover. Like its much smaller brother, the MJ-902, and all its siblings of similar design with different outputs and beam patterns, the 908 also contains the same basic accessories and hardware. Although the battery is slightly larger than others and the cable ends have different ports to prevent mixing and matching, the concept remains the same. The battery can be Velcro attached to any bike tube. A "Y" cable is optional for a dedicated front light setup but required when using the rear flashing light. There is no USB recharging here, only a brute-force AC charger for this hungry beast.

Run Rime 

1.3 hours of run time on 100% output, 1.8 on 75% output, 2.6 hours on 50%, 6.4 hours on 20% and Flashing mode gives slightly over 7 hours of constant use.


The beam pattern for this lighthead the MJ-908 is 20 degrees

Box Contents


Rear light

Wireless remote control

Rubber ‘o’ rings

Battery pack 7.4V 7.8Ah


Nylon Velcro straps

Warranty card

Y Cable or Y adpater

English user manual


35.3 oz


8.661 x 6.7 x 3.15 in

Light source

8 x CREE XM-L2 LED’s

Luminous flux

8000 lumens

Shell material

Aluminum alloy and plastic


Two top click switch and wireless remote control

Working modes

Front 100%-75%-50%-20%-Strobe
Rear 100%-Pulse Flash-Flash-Strobe


6*18650 Li-ion (LG)battery (7.4V 7.8AH)

Power indicator

Smart little LED display


3.0hours (at max output)










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