MJ-898 Bike Helmet with Built in LED Rear Lights for Road Cyclists

MJ-898 Bike Helmet with Built in LED Rear Lights for Road Cyclists

MJ-898 is a bike helmet with LED lights built in. 350 lumen front light is there to light your path while turn singals and rear warning light are there to make sure you are seen on the road by cars and other cyclists. You won't need bike lights with this helmet.

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Product Details

With its 350 lumen front LED light, side signal lights and rear safety light, the MJ-898 embodies the functions of various bike lights for all around safety and versatility. All in one design with technologies and experienced gathered from years of experience from within the cycling industry and feedback from our pro/field staff, the Genie series bike helmet is a superb replacement to our existing road bike light sets or as great complementary or back up lights. 


Helmet’s front headlight is a single XP-G2 LED with a maximum luminous flux of 350 lumens (4.5w) and the beam angle is 30 degrees, and can also be tilted up or down 20 degrees. Can be controlled via remote or switch button on top of the helmet.

Safety Lights

Side turn signal lights and rear warning lights are SMD LEDs and can only be controlled with the wireless remote control. Turn signals cover large areas on the sides of the helmet for maximum visibility. Rear safety light is “intelligent” much like our MJ-898 smart rear bike light, with motion detection technology built in. Its light pattern and output will change automatically based on the speed and ambient conditions for max visibility. 


Battery bin sits on top of the helmet right above where your forehead is and has the capacity for two 18650 li-ion batteries. 


Max runtime with a single 18650 battery:

Headlight: just over 4 hours on highest setting, 5 and half hours on medium and 10 and a half hours on low, over 11 hours on flash mode.

Rear Light: 17 hours on 100%, 65 hours on fast flash mode, 98 hours on pulsing mode, 96 hours on slow flash mode, and warning mode provides more than 107 hours of constant use.

Right and Left Turn Signals: 11.7 hours of constant use.






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