MJ-902 Super Bright LED Rechargeable Bike Lights for Night Riding

MJ-902 Super Bright LED Rechargeable Bike Lights for Night Riding

With its 5.2Ah li-ion battery, the MJ-902 is capable of providing 3 hours of continuos use on your road biking trips.
Comes with wireless remote to control light intensity and a free red LED taillight. Versatile bike light set.

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Product Details

With its beam spread of 20 degrees, the MJ-902 is more suitable for road cycling than serious mountain trail cycling. The 2000 lumens of light is concentrated more towards the center, providing a longer throw than most of our road lights. Handlebar remote and rear light is also part of the light package. The default rechargeable Li-ion battery pack is 7.4V 5.2Ah providing 3.2 hours of runtime on full brightness. While you may not need the full 100% output, at 30% intensity the bike light set will last 12.3 hours.

Thermaly managed fins are a new design to providing advanced cooling while in motion.  The small size of the light means you can mount other accessories onto your handlebars. The MJ-902 light head weighs only 4 grams more than the MJ-900 and the default battery pack with 4x18650 cells weighs in at 238 grams. 

4 power modes are available at 100% 50% 30% and flash mode. The MJ-902 is a great light for road cycling and casual mountain trail biking.




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