MS-622 Clip On USB Rechargeable LED Bike Safety Light Set for Urban Biking at Night

MS-622 Clip On USB Rechargeable LED Bike Safety Light Set for Urban Biking at Night

Clip on design makes this light set compatible with most outdoor activities. With 5 hours of runtime, the MS-622 safety light set are perfect for your bike helmet, back pack, bikes, pet, or kids. Conveniently charged via USB and completely weather proof.

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Product Details

Unique single LED design urban bike light set made for city folks who exercise, commute and participate in all kinds of activities under low light conditions. USB rechargeable, small size and super light weight, 3 modes to choose from, these lights can be used for running, biking, skateboarding, hover boarding, or just walking your dog. 

Lights too bright are just as likely to cause accidents as no lights, probably even more so. We have designed the front light to use white LED, 30 lumens, rear light, red LED at 10 lumens, just bright enough to grab attention but not annoying to others. Both lights in this set can be set to High, Low, and Flash mode, and can last 5 hours each on full brightness, 10 hours on flash mode. Charging time is a quick 1.5 hours. 

When it comes to safety lights, you absolutely do not want to go the cheap route and have them fall apart unknowningly during your ride when the road is just a little bumpy, or have the light cover fall off because you handled it with a little too much force. We have built the MS-622 urban safety bike light set with aluminum alloy anodized body, expert level craftsmanship and weather proof IPX4 design, these lights will be serving you for long years to come.





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