MJ-902 MTB Headlamp with Tail Light, LED Headlight and Taillight Combo

MJ-902 MTB Headlamp with Tail Light, LED Headlight and Taillight Combo

MJ-902 contains a 2000 lumen bicycle headlamp for mountain biking produced by two XM-L2 LEDs.
Adjustable brightness levels with wireless remote control that's handlebar strappable. Recommended for mass majority of MTB, offroad cyclists.

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Product Details

Dual LED upgrade version of the MJ-900 mountain bike light, 2000 lumens of output packed neatly in a tiny package not much bigger than a square inch. The maximum output of 2000 lumens is powered by 2x CREE XM-L2 LEDs. This light comes with 2.4g remote control that is strapped onto the bike handlebar and a red LED remote control is also part of the package. This is a very powerful mountain, trail bike light that is satisfactory for majority of our enduro biking lovers.

MJ-902 has a beam angle of 20 degrees,  so slightly wider than the MJ-858, with a thoroughly decent beam throw that much higher priced lights would be envious of. A great little light for the road.

The MJ-902 makes use of four power levels 100%, 50% 30% and a flashing mode. These power options are chosen by pressing the button on top of the lighthead and each option is scrolled through including the off position before cycling back to 100%. Wireless remote switch can be mounted for easy access on any bar and allows you to change modes for changing conditions or to dim the light for oncoming traffic.

The default battery pack for the MJ-902 is the MJ-6096, 4 cell li-ion battery pack. 


3.1 hours @ 100%
5.2 hours @ 50%
15.2 hours @ 30%
7.2 hours @ Flash

Box Contents


Rubber ‘o’ rings

Battery pack 7.4V 2.6Ah


Nylon straps

Warranty card

English user manual





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