MJ-900 Waterproof Cycle Light, Rechargeable Front Bike Lamp

MJ-900 Waterproof Cycle Light, Rechargeable Front Bike Lamp

Light weight, compact and portable, MJ-900 weights only 72 grams with the battery at 130 grams, making it an ideal chocie for road cycling.
At 20 degree beam spread, it provides an soft beam with a long throw.

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Product Details

The Magicshine MJ-900 Road bike front light with 1200 theoretical lumens, using a single Cree XM-L2 LED. This tiny little light packs a big punch. With the light head weighing in at 72g and battery at 130g, the MJ-900 makes a very versatile bike light, strap it to your handlebar or onto your helmet with the help of MJ-6058 helmet strap. In any way or fashion, it adds very little burden to your road cycling experience.

Newly designed with advanced cooling through the new thermally managed fins the Magicshine MJ-900 weighs just 72g plus the battery at 130g  with a run time of over 10 hours on the lowest setting!

The battery for the MJ-900 has a capacity of 2600mAh, offering 2.3 hours of runtime on full brightness. At only 4.6 oz you will hardly notice it on your road trips.

The brightness can be cycled from 100% 50% 30% intensity, a flash mode is also included. Each option is cycled to in order before going back to 100%

Default battery pack is 2.6Ah 7.4V which will last 2 hours 20 minutes on full intensity, with just over 4 hours on 50% power and 10 hours on 30%.

20 degree spead and a very decent throwing distance. A great light for the road.

Box Contents


Rubber ‘o’ rings

Battery pack 7.4V 2.6Ah


Nylon straps

Warranty card

English user manua






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