MJ-900 Rechargeable Mini Budget LED Bike Front Headlight for Riding at Night

MJ-900 Rechargeable Mini Budget LED Bike Front Headlight for Riding at Night

Super tiny and bright, the MJ-900 offers the most versatile beam pattern in the Magicshine stable.
Low light mode in and around downtown where light is ample, turn it to full in remote areas to make sure you can see and can be seen.

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With 3 power modes to choose from, from its highest setting at a theoretical 1200 lumens, to 50% output at 500 lumens and 30% output at around 300 lumens. The MJ-900 bicycle headlight is capable of meeting the needs of any city / urban cyclist under different conditions, whether they need the full output where light is completely absent or riding in towntown area where the ability to be seen yet not be blinding to others becomes important.

At less than 2 inches in each direction, the MJ-900 and battery together weighs at less tha 200 g.

Using the O-ring for handlebar mounting. Battery is erogonomical and hugs the bike frame using nylon straps, secured via velcro. Both are very easy to put on and take off.

AC power with default charger will top off the battery at 3- 3.5 hours.

For everyday travel within the city streets, we recommend the 30% output as not be blinding to oncoming vehicles, nearing the outskirts of town where light is absent. 50-100% output should be used to offer the best visibility for both the rider and other travelers and motorists.

During city casual riding or commuting, most riders will be using 30-50% output during their daily traveling, the default battery will be able to offer 4-10 hours of continuous runtime.

Box Contents


Rubber ‘o’ rings

Battery pack 7.4V 2.6Ah


Nylon straps

Warranty card

English user manual






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