MS-622 Extra Bikelights, LED Bike Headlight and Rear Light

MS-622 Extra Bikelights, LED Bike Headlight and Rear Light

Ideal back up light for warning, both the white and red LEDs in the MS-622 set can be set to strobe / flash mode and attached to the bike rear frames for maximum warning effect. There is no reason not to be seen with this light.

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Product Details

Easily clipped on and 360 degree rotatable, the white and red LED USB safety lights may not hold a high lumen output LED light bulb nor a high capacity Li-ion battery, but they are just bright enough for your road cycling needs. Both can be strapped on to the bike seat post and set to strobe, making sure you are highly visible even when there are ample city or street lights available.


Featuring a durable water resistant enclosure with a rubber USB port cover, the silicon and velcro straps are also of the highest quality and are designed to last for years in all kinds of weather.

Each light weighs only 24g, virtually adding no weight onto your bike. At 5 hours of runtime with a single charge, these lights will satisfy the needs of mass majority of our road cyclists at budget prices.

White LED is 30 lumens and the red LED is 10 lumesn, both lights can be attached anywhere on your bike for added visibility on high speed ways. Battery is 250mAh and is USB rechargeable. 

Box Contents


Rear light

Rubber ‘o’ rings

USB Cable

Warranty card

English user manual





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