MS-622 Small LED Front and Back Safety Bike Lights

MS-622 Small LED Front and Back Safety Bike Lights

Super small and light weight, strapped with the O-ring onto bike frames. These mini lights offer up to 5 hours of continuous runtime.
Whether it is for road, urban or as kids' bike lights, the MS-622 light set with their weatherproof design will provide years of utility,

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Product Details

Whether you enjoy running, walking, cycling, or just taking a peaceful stroll with your dog at night, these ultra-bright safety lights will keep you safe and secure – a mandatory piece of safety equipment for any low-light activity and a great addition to your outdoor- or reflective gear.

10 lumen taillight and a 30 lumen front light is perfect for being seen and noticed but not strong enough to be annoying to pedestrians and cyclists, and is less dangerous to motorists. Built in battery is enough to last 5 hours of continuous use and both lights are weatherproof and USB rechargeable.

Box Contents


Rear light

Rubber ‘o’ rings

USB Cable

Warranty card

English user manual






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