MJ-898 MTB Bike Helmet Headlight with LED Headlamps and Intelligent Rear Safety Light

MJ-898 MTB Bike Helmet Headlight with LED Headlamps and Intelligent Rear Safety Light

With its EVA foam interior and PC shell, the MJ-898 Genie is one versatile bike helmet that packs a 350 lumen front light, turn signals and rear safety light, perfectly capable to handle any situation whether it is on a mountain trail, urban street, or long, winding roads.

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Product Details

The 350 lumen front light is sufficiently bright under most situations. It can be tilted up and down 15 degrees. Beam angle is 30 degrees for better close-in visibility. Achieved by one XP-G2 CREE LED that can offer a runtime of 4-11 hours with the default 2600mAh 18650 Li-ion battery cell. 4 working modes: High, Mid, Low and Flash.

Side turn signals are made up of 120 Yellow SMD LEDs with a maximum power of 1w. The turn signal light frame starts from back of the helmet and extend to just above the wearer’s ears. When lit, yellow signal lights can be seen from 270 degree angle. Runtime with the default battery is 11.8 hours of constant use.

Rear light is built with 32 Red SMD LEDs with a maximum power of 0.3w. 5 working modes 4 of them flashes, with different flash frequencies, each designed for a specific situation. Fast Flash, Pulsing, Slow Flash and Warning. The rear light has an automatic motion detecting feature that when speed loss occurs, the rear light increases in intensity and stays steady, until the wearer has reached a complete stop. Runtime with the default Li-ion cell is 17-108 hours.

The 3 button remote control comes with its own o-ring for a secure handlebar position mount. Hugely convenient, and it is powered by a single CR2025 button cell. Helmet’s turn signals and rear light can be controlled by the remote.

The helmet light weighs 426g without the battery and can be charged via Micro USB port under 5V/1A in 4.5- 5 hours. (1 cell)  EPS foam and Polycarbonate materials make up the bulk of the frame for optimum protection to weight ratio. Expert craftsmanship and IPX4 rating allows the helmet light to function in all kinds of weather for years to come.

Packing List:

Helmet light

Wireless Remote control

USB cable



1x18650 battery

User manual

Warranty Card





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