MJ-900 Helmet Mounted LED Headlights for Mountain Bike Riders

MJ-900 Helmet Mounted LED Headlights for Mountain Bike Riders

Super light at 72g, and with the battery pack weighing in at 130g. the MJ-900 makes for a powerful addition to any mountain biker looking for a bright yet high performance helmet light to complement their handlebar lights.

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Product Details

The MJ-900 is the tiniest light in the 900 series with the least amount of weight at 72g, and is perfect as a helmet light with its 20 degree beam angle and high 1200 lumen output.

For all terrain and speed, off road and MTB riding, a helmet light is a must, to be able to point the light exactly where you are looking at with a degree of focus, especially on those narrow, high speed trails where you will need to see further down the road. On slower, more technical trails, you will want a high lumen flood light on your handlebar to illuminate all the roots, water puddles, foliage and branches. And a head light to thin the shadow and add even more definition to the most pressing obstacles. 

The light and 7.4V 2.6Ah battery which weighs at 130g can both be strapped onto your bike helmet in minutes. A bigger battery pack stored in your clothes pocket or backpack could also be attached via an extension cord for longer runtime. 






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