Bicycle lamps

- May 09, 2017 -

A bicycle lamp is a luminaire mounted on a bicycle for a ride on a friend's night. Riding a friend with a flashlight with a combination of such a clip to act as night riding equipment, the biggest advantage is the economy portable, the disadvantage is the pan-light narrow, blind area, long life, poor safety. 

And for professional riding friends, they are equipped with professional bicycle lamps, this type of bicycle lamp has a long life, the pan-light long range, waterproof and sweat, carry bumpy safety index high characteristics, but its expensive cost also let ordinary riding friends prohibitive.

Bicycle lamps can be divided into two types of spontaneous electric and battery-powered bicycle lamps, and spontaneous electric type can be divided into tire friction power generation and drum-shaped built-in generators two types; battery-powered bicycle lamps can be classified into battery and lamp separation type and battery and lamp. Since the power generation bicycle lamp is not required to open the light of the occasion also need to withstand friction resistance, and this is not acceptable for demanding riders, so it is more commonly used battery-powered bicycle lamps.

Bicycle lamps can be divided into front lighting, rear warning tail lamps and Hot Wheels (also called wheel lamp).

  • MJ-900 Waterproof Cycle Light, Rechargeable Front Bike Lamp
  • MJ-900 Rechargeable Mini Budget LED Bike Front Headlight for Riding at Night
  • MS-622 Rechargeable Budget Bike Front and Rear Combo Lights Set
  • MJ-898 Cycling Helmets with Built in Lights, LED Headlamp and Rear Light
  • MJ-908 Brightest, Most Powerful Rechargeable LED Mountain Bike Light Set with Indicators
  • MJ-898 MTB Bike Helmet Headlight with LED Headlamps and Intelligent Rear Safety Light

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