Bicycle taillights

- May 09, 2017 -

Bicycle tail lamps that are installed on the tail of the bicycle glow lamp, the traditional tail lamp is used by the reflector, it does not shine, but through the optics principle, at night light to light, reflecting light as a reminder, now usually use dry batteries, lithium batteries or button batteries as energy, in the case of power, led as a light source, emitting a variety of colors more eye-catching light main role is security warning to achieve the safety of riding.

It is composed of a few small plane mirrors at right angles, because of light reflection, the car, neon, lights and other light emitting light reflected to the driver, so that the driver can see the front riding bicycle, so as to avoid traffic accidents.

  • MJ-902 MTB Headlamp with Tail Light, LED Headlight and Taillight Combo
  • MJ-906 Top Mountain Bike LED Light Set, Bicycle Headlight and Tailight for Riding at Night
  • MJ-900 Waterproof Cycle Light, Rechargeable Front Bike Lamp
  • Eagle 700 Front Bicycle Lamps, Cycling Flashlight for Road Bike Cyclist
  • MJ-898 Cycling Helmets with Built in Lights, LED Headlamp and Rear Light
  • MJ-898 Bike Helmet with Built in LED Rear Lights for Road Cyclists

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