Choice of bicycle headlights

- May 09, 2017 -

Choose headlights by riding habits. As the active lighting headlamps, the LED tile has always been the focus of the consumer's most concern; the higher the tile number, the lower the luminous efficiency, although it will be brighter, but will not increase in proportion. For example, the United States led manufacturer DREE Company on the website published data show, 1W light bulb light has 80 lumens, while 3W only 135 lumens, the wattage is 3 times times, brightness is less than 3 times times, but the power consumption is absolutely 3 times times (the rest of the electricity becomes heat dissipation), and the price is much more expensive. 

Therefore, the choice of 1W, 3W or 5W should be based on the premise, like to be on a bright street or in the morning and evening cycling, the general headlights as passive lighting is a good job, even open flashing mode to be sufficient; to the suburbs or where there is no street lamp cycling, of course, the number of watts of high lamp to do active lighting.

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