How to choose a bicycle lamp

- May 09, 2017 -

On the market many lamp products function and price have a very big drop, how to choose their own products?

The type and intensity of light source is the most important thing consumers, but also affect the price of the lamp. The most common bulbs in the market are 3 kinds: tungsten filament bulbs, hid and LEDs. To understand the light intensity, first of all know the unit of Light: Lumen (Lumens), it represents the unit time of the radiation light energy, can also be said that the amount of light emitted, the lumen number of the greater the number of light the more, of course, the brighter.

HID (high Intensity Discharge) gas discharge lamp, also known as xenon lamp, luminous efficiency (1W of light emitting about 50 lumens); The earliest is used for the stadium lighting, and then the car also used it to replace the traditional halogen lamp. Because of the characteristics of high illumination (about three times times the halogen lamp), low power consumption (about half of the general halogen bulb), life can reach 2.000~3.000 hours, gradually transplanted to the use of their own lamp; HID is the most bright choice of the current bicycle lamp, but the price is very expensive, mainly for the need for strong light lighting professional athletes and mountain Explorer enthusiasts use.

  • MJ-900 Waterproof Cycle Light, Rechargeable Front Bike Lamp
  • Eagle 300 USB Rechargeable LED Bike Front Headlamp, Road Cycling Night Light
  • Eagle 700 Front Bicycle Lamps, Cycling Flashlight for Road Bike Cyclist
  • MJ-898 Cycling Helmets with Built in Lights, LED Headlamp and Rear Light
  • MS-622T USB LED Small Bike Rear Safety Lights for Kids
  • MJ-898 Bike Helmet with Built in LED Rear Lights for Road Cyclists

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