LED Bicycle lamp

- May 09, 2017 -

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an electronic part that converts electrical energy into light energy. At the same time with the characteristics of two polar body, that is, with a positive cathode, only when the positive power from the LED will shine, so give tributary when the LED will be stable glow, if the AC power, the LED will appear flashing. 

The first time is used in the indicator light, display board, with white light emitting diodes appear, is also used as lighting. In addition to its high efficiency (1W luminescence of about 60 lumens), long life (about 5~10 million hours), not easy to damage, lighting at low temperature and moderate prices, the most important is that he also has the energy and mercury-free environmental protection advantages, so called century new light source, is also the mainstream of bicycle lamps.

  • MJ-900 1000 Lumen Light Weight Under 100 Mountain Bike Headlight for Night Riding
  • Eagle 600 USB Rechargeable LED Bike Lamp, Cycle Headlights for Under 100
  • MS-622 Rechargeable Budget Bike Front and Rear Combo Lights Set
  • MJ-819 Red Rear Tail Bike Lights for Cycling Safety
  • MJ-898 MTB Bike Helmet Headlight with LED Headlamps and Intelligent Rear Safety Light
  • MJ-6016 Outdoor Extension Cord, 3ft Cable for magicshine Bike Lights or Helmet Lights

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