Protective effect of bicycle tail lamps

- May 09, 2017 -

In fact, for the most advanced intelligent brake bicycle tail lamps and more than decorative effect, in the light is not sufficient in the evening or rainy days, this bike will play the tail lamp is equivalent to the role of warning lights. 

Careful observation will find that this smart brake bicycle rear lamps are built-in 6 ultra bright LED lights, let it guarantee ultra-high brightness; stylish avantgarde appearance with 240 degrees broad perspective and waterproof design, in the sudden rain weather can easily cope with; with multi-function knob bracket, even if the bare hand can also be installed and disassembled, fast, convenient and stable. This bicycle tail lamps for smart brakes, when you ride on the brakes, the headlights will become a long-lit state, and the bicycle static state in five minutes, that will automatically shut down, environmental protection and energy saving.

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