Selection of tail lamps of bicycle

- May 09, 2017 -

The first heavy light irradiation angle focuses on environmental protection, energy saving and price factors, led to become the most recommended bicycle lighting source. But the market on the lamp products dazzling, how can consumers choose?

According to the use, bicycle lamps can be classified as warning lights and lighting lamps. The main function of the warning lamp is to let the knight be able to be seen, to maintain a safe distance, the general tail lamps are warning lights; lamps must provide enough illumination, so that knights can see the road ahead, general headlights are all lighting lamps, but also with a number of flashing features, can be used as a warning.

Because the taillights are mainly used as a warning passive illumination, the purpose is to be seen, thus the taillights must make the knight from the rear to the lateral side of all angles, which can be clearly seen, so that it must have a certain light intensity beyond, more importantly is the widespread light distribution. Therefore, in addition to looking at the rear of the rear brightness, you should also look at the left and right sides from 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees of brightness, if from the rear 0 degrees have been transferred to the left and right 90 degrees have a wide and uniform light, of course, is the safest.

Low power consumption, general use of 7th Battery or CR2032 button batteries, the use of button batteries can reduce the size of the tail lamps, but the price of button batteries is higher and can not be recharged again. The installation of the rear lamps are more than the tube, seat cushion bag and the rear fork, in the purchase must pay attention to the installation of convenience, such as whether the need to use tools, whether to fix the bag on the mat, can correspond to the size of different diameter? Be careful not to be obscured by other things when installing.

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