The distinction between bicycle lamps and riding flashlights

- May 09, 2017 -

1. Long endurance time. Bicycle lamps are generally longer than flashlights, because the torch for a long time and less continuous use, and bicycle lamps, in the night riding, short 30, 50 minutes, long to four or five hours is not necessarily, even foreign countries have 24-hour cycle race. Therefore, the bicycle life time requirements far longer than the flashlight, first-class bicycle lamp in the most different brightness mode, the life time generally in 2 hours to 15 hours, some of the world's top brightness in the highest brightness mode can do less than 2 hours, but at least 1 hours or so, such as Germany's lupine Betty 9, life in 1-30 hours, brightness higher the shorter the time, because the brightness is too high, in order to consider the battery pack volume, so the highest brightness release less than two hours, but even the mid-range brightness, Also far ultra general motorcycle lamp, so the actual use of sufficient brightness in the case, the life is still very long.

2. Batteries, the flashlight generally only with a section of rechargeable lithium batteries 18650, or a few 7th, 5th batteries, and professional bicycle headlamps, usually equipped with batteries (usually by 4 to 8 sections of rechargeable lithium battery 18650), lupine, such as the brand headlights, and even with LG, Panasonic and other high-capacity 18650 batteries to make batteries, in order to not increase the volume of the weight of the case, get more power support. There are also some USB charging daily commuter headlights are used in the built-in batteries, this kind of front lamps equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries are usually also higher than the battery capacity of the flashlight, but also to meet the plant endurance requirements.

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