The importance of bicycle lamps

- May 09, 2017 -

Headlights will become bicycle standard equipped. According to the Taiwan Police Department's traffic Accident statistics, the number of bicycle accidents deaths in Taiwan from 2003 to 2006 is 664 people, representing 5.83% of the total traffic accidents, and the proportion of deaths is fairly high! 

Take a closer look at the time of the annual cycling death accident, although the daytime cyclist is far more than the night, but the accident mortality rate at night to the early morning period is up to 40% 5, obviously high data highlight the importance of bicycle lighting equipment, because the law does not enforce bicycle installation of lighting equipment, as well as the car body of the reflective device is insufficient, resulting in a bicycle in the condition of poor sight driving, it is easy to rub with the steam and locomotive accidents.

Therefore, the Taiwan Police Department is developing, the future of no former, rear lamp lighting bicycles, the evening can not ride on the road, offenders will be fined 300~600 yuan (NT). In fact, most of the car-riding habits have long known the importance of the headlights for the safety of the vehicle, also regard the headlights as necessary accessories.

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