Tips for buying bicycle taillight

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Quiet night riding bicycles, cars around, locomotives are likely to be completely invisible, can not hear, want other passers-by to find your early presence, it must be fitted taillights, will not happen to be chased accident.

Like motor vehicles such as steam locomotive lamps, bicycle lights are mainly "see" and "seen" these two functions, responsible for active lighting of the front light, must illuminate the road ahead of the road; and belongs to the passive lighting taillights, to shoulder the car Friends by others, the car saw the task.

To be clearly seen as principle

As long as there is a chance to get in contact with other people and vehicles in the cycling environment, there will naturally be a demand for "seeing." Suitable taillights are an important tool to ensure their own safety, especially at night, in the early morning, or in other dimly lit environments Under, like riding a tunnel, mountain roads, taillights are indispensable safety accessories.

Because taillights are mainly used as a warning passive lighting, the purpose is to be seen. Therefore, the taillights must be clearly visible at every angle from the rear to the side. Therefore, in addition to having certain brightness, it is more important to have a wide range of light distribution. Therefore, the optional taillights in addition to looking at the brightness of the rear, but also have to look at the left and right sides from 30 degrees, 60 degrees to 90 degrees of brightness, if from right behind 0 degrees has been around to 90 degrees are extensive The uniform light, of course, is more secure.

USB charging or battery installed?

With the lithium-ion battery is widely used, USB charging lights in recent years has become the main force of the brand's products. However, the traditional battery-based lamps still have some irreplaceable features. Compared with the USB charging taillights, the battery-mounted rear lamps have the following features: 1. The initial purchase cost is relatively low; 2. The cost of subsequent use is high; Longer battery life; 4 short time to replenish the power.

And now the popular USB charging lights, its characteristics are exactly the opposite: 1. The initial procurement costs are higher; 2. The lower cost of follow-up use; 3. Endurance is relatively short; 4. Replenish the power required for a long time. In addition, USB charging taillights also need to pay attention to over-discharge problems, so as to avoid damage to the lithium battery.

In the optional taillights, battery-powered lights and USB charging lights are not good or bad, only suitable and unsuitable. Consumers can according to their own riding habits, with the aforementioned product features, to decide to buy battery taillights or USB charging taillights. For example, very few riders rode at night because of the low frequency of use of taillights, the purchase of battery taillights will be more economical choice; as taillights use high frequency, but do not need long life riders, it is appropriate to buy USB charging taillights.

Pick your own product

Consumers in the purchase of taillights, the general will take into account the brightness, viewing angle, battery life and price, while ignoring other lights like dazzling, installation location and lighting color and other factors.

For example, some high lumen taillights may provide longer warning distances, but also because the lights are too bright and too harsh, affecting the rear view of the vehicle, but cause danger. And lumens high, although it will feel very bright, but also relatively power, for the commuter community ride, you can choose the lumens is moderate, or the use of light guide, advertised light is not glaring products.

Sometimes even on the road, we can find that some knights mistakenly used the white front warning light as a taillight, or installed some colorful light color taillights. These improper lamps can easily cause other people to misjudge that when choosing and using taillights Must be avoided.

After installation should review

More and more types of bicycle taillights on the market, in the purchase should pay attention to its ease of installation, such as the need for tools, where can be installed? Can correspond to different sizes of diameter? The general location of the installation, including the seat tube, after the fork, after the shelf, cushions (seat bow), helmets, cushion bags. In the installation of special attention will not be other objects on the car, such as shelves, soil, cushion cover, making the warning effect greatly reduced? This time after the choice of shelf lights or can be installed under the seat of the taillights, will be a better choice. Once again after installation view, will not be too bright? Will flash to the back of people?

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