What is the use of bicycle taillights

- May 09, 2017 -

I believe most of the riding enthusiasts know the importance of bicycle headlights in the night ride, but everyone ignores the importance and significance of the existence of bicycle taillights. All bicycle brands of taillights, all have a bright color and gorgeous appearance, so everyone will be it to the bicycle decorations, but ignore the actual effect of the bicycle taillights. So what is the use of bicycle taillights, this article gives you the importance of bicycle taillights.

What is the use of bicycle taillights? Because of its ultra bright light and vivid color, can help passers-by to identify the specific location of bicycles, help passers-by, vehicles to prepare for the avoidance, thus reducing the lack of light caused by the visual impairment of the traffic hazards. So the bicycle tail lamps in the night riding is also a very important equipment, I hope everyone can have a strong sense of riding safety, protect themselves, after all, we ride the original purpose, namely sports fitness only.

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