Bicycle Helmet

- May 09, 2017 -

The anti-impact criterion of bicycle helmet and the firm force of the buckle belt are put forward by the American Consumer Goods Safety Committee (CPSC) in the mid-70 's last century. The project parameters such as the SNELL Foundation, the United States National Standards Bureau and the American Academy of Testing materials are presented according to different institutions. At that time, only one light motorcycle helmet met this criterion. However, cyclists refuse to wear such helmets because they are heavy and breathable.

To this end, Bell Biker Company first developed a CPSC standard bicycle helmet, it is made of ABS plastic shell, wrapped in polystyrene foam. Later updated shell materials PVC and higher priced materials polycarbonate greatly reduces the weight of the helmet. Generally speaking, bicycle helmets can withstand at least two impact process, the first time and other cyclists or cars collided, the second time is riding the cyclist himself fell to the collision, and these materials have a good buffering effect on the two impact.

Since the advent of bicycle helmets, the shape has undergone many changes. The round helmet is already obsolete, the helmet is now smaller, and the vent has a great change, and the effect of cool ventilation is also in line with the aerodynamic principle.

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