First Evaluation Of The Bicycle Special Tail Recorder

- May 09, 2017 -

Last year's ring law, UCI first allowed a road car assembling camera, we have also seen a lot of breathtaking sprint and car shots from the front and tail angles, these lenses provide us with the immersive feeling very exciting, but also let us see a lot of the game happened in the end of the car because of what is caused. In this respect, the cameras used in the contest also serve as a function of a vehicle recorder.

In my daily ride, also more than once I hope my car can be equipped with a traffic recorder-Chinese car friends riding environment, everyone knows. In many bicycles and pedestrians, car accidents, the responsibility of the identification is a very painful one thing, and the traffic recorder is theoretically a good solution to the responsibility of the identification of the scheme.

This is also the design of the CycliqFly6.

It is not a portable camcorder like SonyAS100V or even GoPro, which is not in the image quality of a, at least not at present.

Its positioning is a of both video shooting, driving records and bicycle taillights function ... taillights Recorder, before the market has no similar products, may not have a lot in the future.

Fly 6 of the size of the 85x39x55mm,119g heavy, left and right one operation key, the left-hand side also has a Micro-USB socket and micro SD card slots. Square shape, the camera periphery has a circle of light, below four lamps.

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