How To Choose A Bicycle Flashlight?

- May 09, 2017 -

Bicycle lamps generally have battery-powered and spontaneous electric type two. Battery-powered type is the need to replace the battery lamp, this type of luminous more stable. And for the spontaneous electric type is based on the friction of the tires and drum-shaped generators, such as built-in mode to make luminous. If you have high stability and safety requirements for light, then you choose the battery-powered bicycle lamp, conversely, if your requirements are not so high, then both are suitable for you. And you can choose a special bicycle lamp.

Flashlight is not suitable for direct use as headlights, the general lamp is actually flashlight, the real bicycle lamp should conform to the German regulation ~

Germany is a standard for bicycle lamps.

There are 3 main features, one is the cut-off line, can not have upward pan-light, and the cut-off line cannot be too high, this is to ensure that you are near light, will not interfere with the traffic opposite the safety;

Second, the spot should be evenly, oblique spread on the ground, by the far and near brightness distribution consistent; The minimum illuminance value for a specific distance is also defined, too low to see, too high the eyes are easy to fatigue ~

Third, color temperature can not exceed 5000k, must be warm temperature ~ to ensure a certain penetration at the same time reduce the burden of the eyes ~

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