Installation Of Bicycle Safety Lamps

- May 09, 2017 -

Bicycle movement, more and more people's favorite, of course, the travel of the bicycle as a means of transport is also quite common, but more and more motor vehicles, riding bicycle travel safety problems more and more serious, how to guard against the safety of bicycle travel, it is necessary to consider the problem. The installation of safety warning lights is a very good way to let me tell you my experience in installation.

Headlights are indispensable, and this is the safety of the night driving. Install a lamp rack on the front, and then put the charge lamp LED lamp into the lamp rack. Because it is charging type, do not need to replace batteries, and led power consumption, can be long time lighting, and can adjust the focal length, lighting can be adjusted, very convenient.

Front reflective lamp. Installing this lamp is the oncoming car, can effectively reflect the other side of the light, so that the other party can find in time, this is necessary. And this Shang in the light of the illumination, reflective distance than the headlights to be far away. In the city road lighting better condition, can not open the headlights, also can make the car found themselves.

Rear light emitting lamp. The lamp is mounted under the rear frame, with a variety of luminous ways to warn the rear vehicle. Headlights with manual switches, lighting conditions can be closed.

Reflective pedal lamp. On the side of two feet, have a reflective lamp, no matter the front or rear has a car, can be illuminated in the light of the situation, the rear lights off the situation, with the foot up and down the movement, reflecting light effect is also very good, in the case of a distance can see a light in the swing.

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