My Rear Lamps Have A Webcam

- May 09, 2017 -

Although riding a bicycle is somewhat safer than driving a lot, there are still many dangers in a few cases, and riding a row, if riding worries about what will happen later, they cannot appreciate the scenery around them.

As we all know, the driver of the car in the camera section of the driving performance is far better than the no-camera section. This is a bad habit, but we can also make use of it. Australia's two bicycle enthusiasts Andrew Hagen and Kingsley Fiegert designed a of the tail lamps of the bicycle, which is called Fly6, in particular with a camera. It's the world's first bicycle accessory to combine the cameras with the taillights, which can be recorded by photographing all the things that happen behind the ride. Their aim is to get bikes to be more respected with the help of a webcam.

Fly6 's two-bit product developers say that the fatal nature of the back accident is four times times the previous accident, which is more serious for racing racers. FLY6 will combine HD cameras with bicycle taillights, not only for the rear of the bike or car to make cornering or stop prompts, users can also get the information that has occurred behind everything. If the driver knows that his behavior will be recorded by the camera, it will pay more attention to his car performance, thereby reducing the accident.

This Fly6 can be mounted directly below the bicycle seat, recording the user behind real-time, shooting 30 frames per second of 720p time marked high-def video with a 130-degree wide-angle lens, and recording 16-bit 32-khz resolution of mono audio through the built-in microphone. Fly6 will also be equipped with 8 GB MicroSD cards and can be extended to 32GB. By storing the card, the user can use them to make the last valid record before the AVI video file closes the record.

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