Purchase Of Headlights

- May 09, 2017 -

Headlights are mostly installed in the handlebar hand, consumers in the purchase, must pay attention to the car with the handle, installation is convenient, and the level of the angle is adjustable. If the handlebar hand has no space, also can use the transfer lamp rack mounted on the front fork reinforcing plate. Headlights generally use No. 5th, 7th Battery or lithium batteries, 5th, 7th batteries are more common, but one time to use 4-3, so the volume will be larger; the lamp that uses lithium batteries is small, but the price is higher and is not common. Use the 5th or 7th batteries to pay attention to the battery quality, if you do not need to remove the batteries for a long time, lest the battery fluid leak out the damage lamp.

In the functional aspect, it is best to have full-light, semi-bright and flashing mode, in order to follow the actual road traffic, such as in the brightly lit city streets cycling, flashing mode instead of bright lights come eye-catching. Most of the lamp products can prevent rain, if it is unfortunate water intake, should first power off, open wipe, shade after the opening.

Have you got the car lights on? The lamp in the future will become the standard of bicycles, no matter riding a mountain bike, road car, commuter car or basket car, as long as the night cycling, should be fitted forward, rear headlights, let others can clearly see the existence of a bicycle to ensure the safety of driving! Finally also want to appeal to the car friend, do not forget to use rechargeable batteries as far as possible, and do a good battery recovery Oh!

Choose a bicycle main lamp, or from its use LED light source bead chip, max Lumen number, drive circuit, battery life, thermal design and whether waterproof these aspects do comprehensive consideration.

  • MJ-906 Top Mountain Bike LED Light Set, Bicycle Headlight and Tailight for Riding at Night
  • MJ-908 Powerful High Lumen LED Mountain Bike Lights Set, Brightest Bicycle Headlight
  • MS-622 Rechargeable Budget Bike Front and Rear Combo Lights Set
  • MJ-908 Brightest, Most Powerful Rechargeable LED Mountain Bike Light Set with Indicators
  • MJ-6102 Cree Bike Light Battery Pack for Magicshine High Powered LED Lights
  • MJ-6058 Bike Light Helmet Mount, Compatible with Gopro Cameras and Vented Riding Helmets

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