Selection Of Mountain Station Wagon

- May 09, 2017 -

On generality, steel frame is a very good choice, with good elasticity and applicability, once damaged, any small county, or car repair, can be solved. It's just now a moderate weight, sturdy and durable steel shelf is very difficult to buy. Although the aluminum alloy rack can only find the damage to the special welding place to repair, but because of light weight, cheap, has been in the sports bicycle market on the big line, and its strength with the improvement of technology, reached a certain standard, so aluminum shelf, is also a good choice. If you choose the aluminum alloy shelf, please try to choose with reinforcement, for some pumping more, lighter weight to choose carefully, they will not necessarily crack in welding, but it is likely to be in the pipe where the accidental impact of cracking. Carbon and titanium and other materials are temporarily excluded. Remind you to note that many shelves factory, back hook screws are not locked, must remember to tighten, otherwise, the rear claw hook off is troublesome.

Choosing a soft fork or a hard fork has always been a problem plaguing many people. The hard fork is obviously more efficient and lighter, but it is also common to encounter bumps and needles. Soft forks can greatly alleviate the vibration from the ground, but the natural sacrifice of efficiency, and heavier weight, once the failure, maintenance is also difficult, this is also an indisputable fact. Therefore should be based on the long-distance situation to the choice of targeted, if mainly on the flat road running, hard fork can be fully competent, if the road is very poor, soft fork is necessary. Choose a good quality with a lock-up front fork is a all-take a good idea, buy which, listen to the views of mountain people, I am ignorant of mountain forks. If you want to install the front shelf or fender, be sure to pay attention to the purchase of the fork has the corresponding screw holes.

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