The Distinction Between Bicycle Specialty Headlights And Flashlights

- May 09, 2017 -

1, Brightness mode

In addition to the normal 100%-%50%-20% brightness mode, the flashlight's flash mode is generally tactical flash, and the flash mode of the bicycle lamp is a safety warning slow flash, similar to the car's warning lamp flashing frequency, and the professional bicycle lamp in adjusting brightness, do not have a flashlight like a closing stall, this is to safeguard the safety of the details of riding.

2, waterproof performance, the above mentioned professional bicycle lamps, they usually have excellent waterproof sex, take into account the use of rainy days, or ride in the case of sudden rain, so waterproof grade higher, usually IP65.

And above these characteristics, is a real professional bicycle headlight characteristics, there are other details, such as the installation of stent design more compatible with the needs of bicycles, more integration, such as professional bicycle lamp switches, usually can shine, easy to ride quickly find the switch position.

All hand play original, hope to adopt, I am doing bicycle lamp foreign trade sales, has done for 7 years, the understanding of this kind of product also has many years of understanding, now this domestic business environment, alas, is really good to do the lamp buy but with the garbage goods manufacturers, all kinds of imitation led by the high-profile demolition machine batteries, they have only one advantage, low price, price lower than a set of good lamp cost price. The above mentioned features of a variety of professional bicycle lamps do not apply to them.

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