The Necessity Of Professional Bicycle Lamps

- May 09, 2017 -

The unit of light is lumen, but I prefer the unit (Lux [Lux]) according to the German lamp, the greater the lumen number, and the brighter the headlights. That is not to buy the lights brighter the better the safer? This is absolutely wrong. Your lamp is bright can illuminate the front, but you also want to consider the other side of the passing is dazzling, need each other can distinguish between each other's position is safe choice, so do not choose to use the strong light flashlight as a lite lamp.

Night riding on the requirements of lighting is the pan-light is better, the spot is large, do not require a very far, near light to illuminate a large, and to have a clear cut-off line, can not interfere with the car, this is our selection of the lamp needs to consider the scope.

Night Riding lamp equipment requirements are high-seismic performance, because cycling may encounter road uneven, bumpy situation, if the anti-seismic performance is not good, suddenly jump stalls, the lamp out, it is easy to create danger. Next night riding the headlights also have a certain rain-proof function, because of the ride when everyone said that bad will encounter what kind of weather, rain weather without lighting, safety is a hidden danger.

Only a handful of countries around the world have standardized bicycle lamps, and Germany is the most thorough state of implementation. So the small series of the composite Tak gauge lamp is a preferred, if you feel expensive, then think about their own life security problems, the small compilation has always believed that life and knowledge is the world's most worthy of investment in two things, or do not ride at night, to ride the line will be configured to safeguard their own safety equipment.

  • MS-622 Rechargeable Budget Bike Front and Rear Combo Lights Set
  • MJ-819 Red Rear Tail Bike Lights for Cycling Safety
  • MJ-902 Super Bright LED Rechargeable Bike Lights for Night Riding
  • MJ-898 Bike Helmet with Built in LED Rear Lights for Road Cyclists
  • MS-622 Clip On USB Rechargeable LED Bike Safety Light Set for Urban Biking at Night
  • MJ-6016 Outdoor Extension Cord, 3ft Cable for magicshine Bike Lights or Helmet Lights

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