Understanding Of The Tail Lamps Of Bicycles

- May 09, 2017 -

About the tail lamps of bicycles, there are many scientific knowledge in it, but the students have a lot of awareness of it, for example, in the dark night, with the light of the car, we will find that the tail lamp of the bicycle as if to emit bright red light, so that can effectively tip behind the driver, "notice, in front of cyclists," so as to avoid traffic accidents, the safety of our cyclists. But what is the red light emitted from the bicycle? Is there a small light bulb inside? We can personally open a scrap of bicycle taillights look, the answer is no, no small light bulbs. 

So why is it glowing? In fact, the tail lamps of bicycles are using light reflection principle to emit red. At night, streetlights, searchlights, neon lights, and a variety of vehicles light incident to the tail lamps, then the reflection, reflecting light into our eyes, so we see the light, and thought that the light seems to be emitted from the taillights. Also because the tail lamp itself is red, colored transparency only reflect the same color as it, so, no matter how many colors of the outside of light shoots to the taillights, it only reflects red, we see the light is red.

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