MJ-886 LED Running Bike Safe Lights Mount Tactical Headlamp

MJ-886 LED Running Bike Safe Lights Mount Tactical Headlamp

Comfortablly fit and powerful at 550 lumens, the MJ-886 headlamp is a versatile choice of outdoor gear for any nocturnal activity, you will have no problems seeing and being seen with this helmet strappable, weatherproof headlamp.

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Product Details

Magicshine MJ-886 is a versatile headlamp / safety light that can be used in a huge variety of activities. Running, walking, caving, mountaineering, skiing or camping. 

The light source of the headlamp comes from 3x SSC Z5 LEDs, producing 550 lumens of actual output at 15 degree beam angle. Light’s body is built with aluminum alloy and plastic shell, with Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, durable and stylish design.

The headband on this headlamp is highly elastic and adjustable. The battery sits in a pouch connected to the headband. Wired remote control / battery level indicator runs off the side and can be clipped onto your clothes or backpack. 3 modes to choose from, runtime ranges from 2.3 hours to 20.5 hours on full charge.

Default battery pack is 2x18650 Li-ion cells, easily rechargeable using the default charger in 3 hours with the default charger.






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